Day: November 21, 2017

Are Women Ever Happy?

Let’s face it, being a woman these days is not for the faint hearted. With all the normal everyday stresses of work, kids, home, we have the added worry of somebody younger, more beautiful and a whole lot thinner, making off with our better halves. We are constantly on a plight to ensure that our partners are still attracted to us and to keep the fires of passion burning. It is hard!

Most men these days are quite critical, of their wives or partners, and don’t spare a second thought at commenting on the ever increasing girth of your buttocks and it does cut deep, especially when you see him ogling the new blonde neighbor as she prances around in her garden.

I had gotten to an age where the middle age spread just seemed harder to fight off. After two children my body just didn’t want to play nice anymore. Everything I ate just seemed to find a place on my hips, stomach or buttocks and I hated how I looked. I felt uncomfortable in my own skin and I had to do something about it.

One of my colleagues had recently tried something new and was really looking amazing. She had shed some excess weight and seemed so vibrant and full of energy. One day at lunch I asked for her advice and she told me that it was actually diet pills that had helped her. She suggested some sites to read up on the best diet pills for women and it was enlightening to say the least.

I didn’t realize there were so many different options on the market and without her pointers I would never have known which would be best for me. I had made the decision to make this change and I would follow through with it. I chose the diet pill that seemed to have been used by others just like me and placed my order.

best diet pills for women

With trepidation I opened my package and started my road to a new me. It wasn’t long before I began to notice subtle changes in my energy levels and even my moods. It was only once I stood on the scale that I realized I had shed some weight. As the weeks passed my clothes became looser and I began to exercise more regularly. I didn’t tell anyone what I was doing for fear that I might fail. Everyone around me began to compliment me and my confidence soared.

Finding out about the best diet pills for women inadvertently put the spark back in my marriage. No longer does my husband gawk at the new blond neighbor with dreamy eyes. He can’t keep his hands off me and the attention is something I was once showered with when we were still courting. It feels amazing to be the women he wants and to know that he will only have eyes for me.

This is something I did for myself and has certainly affected every area of my life in a positive way.